People, Texts, and Translations of the Early Modern Mediterranean Diasporas.

Quick overview

This portal aims to investigate the cultural impact of the early modern Mediterranean diasporas, with a specific emphasis on their significance for the Italian Renaissance. To do so, this website examines the movement of individuals, texts, and translations, establishing connections that were not previously anticipated.

Each entry provides links between books and their various elements, such as dedications, marginalia, and translations, as well as archival documents such as inquisition trials or censorship decrees. Whenever possible, the portal also strives to trace the geographical movements of pilgrims, fugitives, and refugees associated with the books, aiming to illustrate the diverse ways in which the texts were read and employed.

If you want to know more about the context and concept addressed here, please refer to this historical introduction.

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Within this website you will be able to:

  • study through the most up-to-date interactive data visualization tools the networks of the early modern Mediterranean diasporas,
  • navigate the database through guided searches,
  • access and examine the cited archival sources,
  • free-search the database.


David Sebastiani

Postdoctoral researcher, SNS.

This portal is designed and developed by David Sebastiani @SNS

Stefania Pastore

Ass. Professor, Scuola Normale Superiore.


Books in Motion and Digital Histories: A Collaborative Workshop (SNS & DH2-UCLA)

David Sebastiani | Plotting the Unknown: Reading Networks in the Early Modern Mediterranean.

Stefania Pastore | Italian Renaissance and Iberian Diasporas (1492-1630).

Books in Motions and Digital Histories

A collaborative workshop